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Within the scope of the COVID-19 Outbreak, we have taken a series of protective measures to slow the spread of infection and to prevent the sessions of our patients receiving hyperbaric therapy. In the meantime, the protection of our health workers is extremely important for the uninterrupted continuation of our services.

• Our first priority is to minimize the possibility of contact between our patients with suspected infection and other patients and employees in our healthcare institutions. We especially try to create a safe environment for our patients who have emergency health problems, whose treatment must continue uninterrupted.

• We started to control the entrances and exits of our hospitals. Temperature measurements and symptom inquiries of our patients and their relatives, goods and service providers and all our employees will be made at the entrances and exits. This may cause delays in session entries from time to time. In such cases, we ask for your understanding and wait outside the entrance for a while to ease the flow.

• A maximum of 1 companion will be allowed with our patients who come to the session, and they will also be subjected to routine fever control and questioning. After the patient is taken to the session, the companion will be asked to wait outside the center if possible. The measures we take are for the health of all of you and all of us. Thank you for your understanding and support.